About Us

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Project Timothy is a ministry established by the Proclamation Trust (UK) and Chessington Evangelical Church (UK).  Project Timothy facilitates the linking together of Pastors in Britain with training needs in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe where the church has been growing rapidly but where resources and training opportunities are limited.  Among the countries now regularly visited by Project Timothy training teams are Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Burma, Sarawak and Latvia.

The work of Project Timothy has been focussed on training men from the UK to serve brothers around the world and to foster networks which allow this to happen on a regular basis.

Is there a way Project Timothy can help you?

Are there times when as a preacher of God’s Word you have desired:

·         To have a better understanding of the Bible?

·         To be a more effective preacher?

·         To make a lasting impact on the lives of those in your congregation?

 ·         To be a channel of the transforming power of God’s Word?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to at least one of these questions then a Project Timothy Conference will be appropriate for you.  It would provide an important opportunity to be equipped with skills for studying God’s word correctly in order for you to communicate its message to your congregation with clarity, authority, relevance and faithfulness to Scripture.

If you think we can be of help to you please go to the Contact Us page for contact details.

Project Timothy UK Team members
The team is led by Pastor Gerald Tanner, Associate Pastor pf Wycliffe Independent Church, Sheffield UK
Current team members include:
Pastor Simon Clarke of Shepshed Word of Life Church UK
Pastor Hugh Thomson of City Church, Birmingham UK
Pastor Ralph Cunnington of City Church, Manchester UK